First of all, I'll introduce myself, my name is Hiroshi Kobayashi, a professional photographer, and a non-professional ukulele lover.

I intentionally named my web site as Ukulele Sight by following reason, though the readers might think that the owner of this site had made mis-spelling. Also I know this naming gives the people who speaks English a little incongruous impression.

I'm trying to introduce the happy and beautiful sight of the world at where the people are enjoying their life with the ukulele. I like to share my informations about spreading out of ukulele and ukulele-related things with many internet readers.

For myself, I also do enjoy playing and listening ukulele together with my friends, an ukulele occupies a big percentage of my daily life. I had had a many encounters through an ukulele and every time I felt happy with that. Like a photographer looks at an object through his camera, I want to create my site as if I'm looking the world through an "ukulele".

"Sight versus Site" sounds like rhyming game to Japanese people, and it might not be an appropriate usage of word, but if it is not an absolutely improper wording, I like to continue this expression.

Could you please give me your feeling about my intention, and give me any suggestion of putting a note to "Sight".

Best regards,

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